Nairobi Nairo-Plex Treatment Conditioner 16oz


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Protects against split ends and dry, brittle hair. De-tangles hair for easy wet combing, Locks in sheen and silkens the hair shaft. 

  • Ph balance at 4.5
  • Reinforces all Hair Types 
    • Healthy Hair 
      • Replaces nutrients lost from blow drying, curling, and chemical treatments
      • Revives dull limp hair
      • Gives a protein micro-seal to protect against styling abuse
    • Damaged or Over Processed Hair 
      • Repairs split ends
      • Reduces breakage
      • Restores elasticity
      • Imparts sheen
      • Strengthens hair shaft
    • Color Treated and Bleached Hair 
      • Moisturizes
      • Eliminates the frizzes
      • Replenishes damaged cuticle with biotin, Keratin, and panthenol.