Tropic Isle Coconut Oil With Rosemary And Vitamin E 4oz

Tropic Isle Coconut Oil With Rosemary And Vitamin E 4oz

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Tropic Isle Living introduced Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the health & beauty world over 25 years ago and coined the phrase that you now know as Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Since 1992, Tropic Isle Living has formulated and produced natural products for hair, skin, and body care. Made from oils & herbs directly imported from our farms in Jamaica, our products are not massed produced; they are handcrafted and made the traditional way. Our castor beans have been gently hand roasted to preserve the beneficial nutrients within the extracted oil.


For Hair: 

  • Hair Moisturizer & Sealant - moisturizes hair and prevents split ends, and hair breakage
  • Hair Brilliance - Adds radiance and shine to hair
  • Hair Manageability - Natural antioxidants and nutrients improves manageablility and luster
For Skin: 
  • Skin Moisturizer - moisturize and hydrate for smooth soft skin
  • Skin Rejuvenates - Helps prevents acne and soothing to skin 
  • Beneficial Ingredients to produce soft skin with a scent of Rosemary


Hair Restorer & Moisturizer: 

  • Hot Oil Treatment - Apply oil to scalp, cover with plastic cap, sit under hair dryer for 30 mins then shampoo hair thoroughly with the Tropic Isle Living Shampoo with Shea Butter.
Eyelash & Brows: 
  • Weekly apply oil to lashes and brows using a Q-Tip or Spoolie brush.
Skin Rejuvenator: 
  • Daily massage oil into dry and cracked skin.

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