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KeraCare Natural Textures Honey Shea Co-Wash 8oz


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A wonderful sulfate-free cleansing conditioner.

Composed of a unique blend of natural ingredients including Honey, Shea Butter, Amla & Shikakai (Ayurvedic) Botanicals, Neem, Argan & Abyssinian Oils & Castor Oils.


  • Notably eases detangling process.
  • Leaves hair soft, smooth, shiny and prime for growth.
  • Cleanses dirt, debris and excess oils from hair and scalp.
  • Wet hair thoroughly. 
  • Saturate a generous amount of the product throughout hair from roots to ends. 
  • Using fingertips, massage into the scalp using circular motions to loosen dandruff, dirt and product residue. 
  • Gently detangle with fingers or a wide-toothed comb. 
  • Do not expect to see a lather, although there may likely be suds while rinsing (but not as much as when using a conventional shampoo).
  • Rinse thoroughly within 3-5 minutes, taking care to rinse traces of the conditioner from the ears, neck and hairline. 
  • Repeat if necessary. 
  • Apply a leave in conditioner and proceed to style as usual.