Dudley Total Control Styling Spray 8oz


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Dudley’s Total Control Styling Spray is a protein-enriched spray that lets you sculpt,spike, shape, mold and lock in style definition. This special formula gives a strong, yet flexible hold while imparting sheen and conditioning the hair.

  • Silk Amino Proteins – a group of amino acids having acidic properties and forming the consistencies of protein molecules.
  • SD Alcohol 40 – a vehicle that quickly spreads the active ingredients throughout the hair shaft.
  • Hold bottle 6 inches from the head. Spray Dudley's Total Control Stlying Spray on to hair.
  • Using too much spray when curling hair can cause the hair to burn or cause hair to stick to curling irons.
  • Hair should not be combed after heavy application.
  • Avoid additional heat use after styling.
  • Acceptable to use in conjunction with Dudley’s Easy Curling and Waving as a curling aid.