Dudley Hair Rebuilder 8oz

Dudley Hair Rebuilder 8oz

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Dudley’s Hair Rebuilder is a penetrating conditioner for badly damaged hair that enhances sheen, softness and strength. Its special blend of vitamins, nucleic acids and keratin add body and improved elasticity for all hair types. 

  • Panthenol – penetrates the hair strands and makes hair thicker and more pliable.
  • Biotin – penetrates the cortex to act as a building block and impart sheen.
  • Amino Acids – The body’s building block, from which proteins are constructed. Helps hold water in the cortex.
  • Shampoo the hair.
  • Apply a generous amount of Dudley's Hair Rebuilder to hair.
  • Massage throughout the hair.
  • Leave on the hair for 5-10 minutes. (Heat optional)
  • Rinse thoroughly.

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